I am what's called a somatic coach. Most people I come across have never heard of such a person and are clueless as to what this actually is, so if you're in this boat, you're completely normal. My education is centered around the mind-body connection, specifically around sex and sexuality. In other words, how certain mental processes can impact body function and performance and how certain bodily experiences can lead to mental/emotional blocks.


 My focus is on expanding human sexuality and assisting men, women, and couples with overcoming sexual trauma and emotional blockage, but my essential purpose is to help people develop a deep level of self-love and fulfillment. I help individuals from all backgrounds fall deeply in love with themselves, and reconnect with their bodies so that they might create their purpose, and live a life filled with intellectual, emotional, and sexual satisfaction. I do this through coaching and in some cases, physical and energy-related work, with the belief that embodiment and sexual enlightenment can open up multiple pathways to lasting gratification in one’s life.


I am based out of the San Francisco Bay Area but I serve clients globally, so whether you're in Alabama, Shanghai, or anywhere in between, just send me a message through the contact page and I'll be in touch to set up a time to talk and explore an appropriate course of action to assist you.




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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - Zen Proverb